Childrens Health

Chinese Medicine is a safe and effective form of treatment for children. Their systems are small, so subtle treatments can affect big changes.

When using Acupuncture on children, very few needles are used and they are only inserted for a short time. Most children are surprised and amused by how little it hurts! If children are not so comfortable with needles, Acupressure (pressing acupuncture points) and Massage can also achieve good results. and Acupressure can be taught to parents so that treatments can continue at home. These techniques are used to prevent illness,  support development and clear imbalances.

There are some excellent Chinese Herbal formulas for children. Chinese Herbs can assist with digestive issues, rashes, sleep issues, hyperactivity, coughs, phlegm and much more.

Chinese dietary therapy is also great for children in preventing and treating illness. (see “Food as Medicine”). Children respond very well to dietary therapy and parents/caregivers who learn how to use food as medicine can treat many imbalances without the need for other medicine.