Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient art. There are hundreds of different Chinese herbs, each with a distinct flavour and action within the body. When combined in a formula, herbs can treat very specific patterns and attend to multiple symptoms at the same time. Your practitioner will design a formula specifically for you and this formula will be modified as your symptoms change.

Chinese herbs can be taken in the form of Raw herbs, Granules or Pills.Lara Joffe Chinese Medicine || Herbs

Raw herbs are brewed into a tea. They look wonderful and are very potent, but they are also notorious for having a very strong flavour and odour that can put some people off.

Granules are the modern version of  raw herbs;  They are made by processing the raw herbal tea into granules (similar to granulated coffee). These granules can be dissolved into hot water so they are very easy to take. They retain some of the flavour of the raw herbs (which has therapeutic value) but it is not as intense.

Pills are easy to take, especially for people on the move. They are often based on potent formulas that have been developed over thousands of years. When prescribing pills the Practitioner has somewhat less ability to tailor and modify formulas to the individuals needs. Nevertheless, pills are a very useful form of Chinese Herbal Therapy.