Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is an ancient art that has been used effectively for over 3000 years. It works holistically to re-balance and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs work on the flow of “Qi” (pronounced chee). Qi moves through pathways called “Meridians” which connect to all the organs and systems in the body.china

When a person is healthy, their Qi is vibrant and dynamic. When there is illness it is a sign that a person’s Qi is not flowing optimally. Qi can become deficient creating weakness or Qi can become stagnant and build- up creating toxicity. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs work by restoring the free flow of Qi, nourishing deficiency and clearing excess.

A Practitioner will take into account many factors when treating you, such as diet, constitution, emotions and living environment. We use various tools for diagnosis such as looking at your tongue and feeling your pulse.

Chinese Medicine treats each person differently based on his/her unique pattern of symptoms. This means that each treatment is finely attuned to the individual and can reach the root cause of illnesses. Chinese Medicine can treat both short and long-term issues. In some cases the results can be felt instantly and in other cases it takes some time to restore balance.

If you are choosing to this treatment path, it is worth sticking with it as the benefits are deep reaching and long lasting.