Food as Medicine

Food has tremendous power when used as a daily

Chinese dietary therapy is somewhat different from Western nutrition. Instead of describing food in terms of vitamin or mineral content, it looks at the ‘qualities’ of food, such as colour, flavour and temperature. For example, yellow or orange foods tend to be good for the digestive system (spleen/stomach) and white foods support the respiratory system (lungs). Particular flavours are used to balance, support and clear. For example, sour flavours used to clear excessive fluids called “dampness”, aromatic flavours are used to enliven and move stagnant energy. Some foods are described as heating while others are cooling. These can be included or removed from a diet to create a better balance.

This approach is simple and very effective. It can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle and taught to children and other family members. Using food as medicine is a powerful way to create long term and sustainable health benefits. By simply adjusting ones diet many diseases can be treated and prevented.