Chinese Massage is called “Tui Na”. Traditionally, Tui Na massage is very vigorous and firm, however each practitioner brings their own unique touch to treatment.

Tui Na massage works along the same Meridian lines and points as Acupuncture. It can treat internal organ imbalance as well as muscular pain. For example, it can be used to clear lung conditions or strengthen the digestive system.

Tui Na is extremely effective for treating and preventing illness in babies and children (see “Children’s Health”). These techniques are also useful for pregnancy and labour (see “Women’s Health”).

Massage treatments may also include Moxa, Cupping or Gua Sha (see “Moxa” and “Cupping”). Gua Sha involves the use of a ceramic soup spoon or some other smooth object. The practitioner will scrape/push this spoon along the surface of the skin, over muscles or meridian lines. This technique moves the blood and clears stagnation, pain and heat. Gua Sha brings the blood to the surface of the skin so it often leaves a bruise. It is not painful and bruising usually clears within a few days.