Womens Health

Chinese Medicine can support Women’s Health in many ways, including…

  • Beautful Mama Claire Regulating menstrual cycles
  • Improving fertility
  • Supporting pregnancies
  • Balancing emotions
  • Improving digestion and Energy levels
  • Easing menopausal symptoms

Menstrual Cycles and Fertility

Many women who experience painful periods, bloating, “PMS” and other menstrual irregularities have come to accept that this is just a part of their cycle. In fact, a healthy menstrual cycle should be free of pain, bloating and irritability. When a menstrual cycle is harmonious women can use this natural process to move and clear blockages on many levels. Chinese Medicine nourishes organs, blood and body fluids and clears blockages. This can help to create healthy menstrual cycles, and nourish overall wellbeing. 

When a woman’s menstrual cycle is clear, flowing and well nourished, her fertility will be at its optimal. Chinese medicine can assist both women and men with creating the best chances for conception and a healthy pregnancy. Chinese Medicine can also work well alongside conventional IVF treatments to optimise transfers and support pregnancy.

During pregnancy Chinese Medicine can assist with uncomfortable symptoms such as exhaustion, “morning sickness” (nausea), swollen ankles, “carpel tunnel syndrome” (pain/numbness in the arms) and other muscular pain. Acupuncture can help to prepare the body for labour by opening and relaxing the muscles. It can also help to nourish energy reserves and ease emotional build-up. Acupuncture and Moxa can encourage the onset of labour and in some cases can help to turn breech babies. During labour acupressure can relieve pain, regulate contractions and promote dilation. These techniques can be taught to partners/care-givers prior to the birth so that they are better equipped to support women during labour.

Chinese Herbs, Dietary Therapy and Acupuncture can help a mother to recover after birth, replenishing her blood and energy. Chinese Medicine can support healthy lactation and can also treat mastitis. Chinese Medicine can also assist with emotional recovery after birth (‘postnatal depression”). Acupuncture, Massage and Herbs can support wound healing (caesarean scars/ perennial tears).

Cycles of Menopause 

Many of the symptoms associated with Menopause can be treated effectively with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture. Symptoms that can be treated include, hot flushes, abnormal sweating, emotional imbalances and changes in metabolism. This is a gentle and safe way to restore the balance in women’s bodies. By moving blockages, nourishing deficiencies and clearing toxic factors, women experiencing Menopause can move into this new cycle of their lives in a clear and harmonious way.